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Our Fee Policy

Our aim is to achieve a difference for our clients so that the assignments we are asked to undertake become self-funding.

The fee structure relating to a specific project is generally negotiated on a case by case basis, recognising the individual characteristics of the types of assignments which Evoluem undertakes:

  • For merger and acquisition assignments Evoluem's fee is based around a transaction success fee, which is calculated as a percentage of the completed transaction value. This means that the majority of our fees are likely to be earned only on successful completion of a transaction. To provide a commitment by our clients to encourage us to work in this way we will negotiate a small monthly advance which will be offset against the success fee payable
  • Business improvement assignments can be negotiated on a fixed fee or a daily rate basis
  • Capital raising assignment fees will be largely determined as for mergers and acquisitions work. However there will usually be some additional fixed fee components associated with 'investor ready' company preparation and preparation of investment promotion documentation 
  • Arranging debt finance - the fee will be a determined as an agreed percentage of the amount raised. Where Evoluem is paid a commission directly by the alliance partner this will be deducted from the fee.

At times, Evoluem may agree to take part of its fees in the form of equity, or options to acquire equity, in the client company.

We encourage potential new investors or current business owners to contact us for a no obligation discussion about the trends and opportunities in the market.