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About Us

Founded in 1998, Evoluem Pty Ltd, is a Melbourne-based corporate advisory firm that has successfully assisted businesses in Australia, New Zealand and overseas.

We specialise in the Information Systems and Technology sector and work predominantly with growing SMEs.

Our directors and executives are highly qualified and have an excellent track record of achievement in helping our clients to acquire or divest businesses and to solve problems that hinder growth.

Our main activities are:


  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Business improvement
  • Financing business activities.

We share our knowledge of the IT industry with you and quickly make ourselves familiar with your business. We usually work with your existing accountants and lawyers.


The firm is led by Keith Reitsema a former senior partner and director of  'big four' consultancies and a veteran of the IT industry.

In order to provide best-practice services we have carefully chosen a number of strategic partners to work with us.

We recognise that these companies have developed specialised knowledge, products and services which we believe to be valuable for our clients.