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Mergers and Acquisitions

Are you looking to extend your company’s geographic market reach, build vertical market skills, reach critical size for potential listing or could you use your infrastructure to support more business?
For fast results an appropriate acquisition may be your option.
On the other hand if you’re preoccupied with cash flow, need but can’t afford more sales and marketing strength or require investment to develop quality processes, maybe cashing in your asset and merging with a larger company is your best strategy.
Our services include:
  • finding and matching complementary companies
  • undertaking market profile studies [defining the players in the market]
  • deal structuring and negotiation
  • undertaking commercial due diligence and advising on financial and legal due diligence
The special characteristics and benefits to you of our approach are that we:
  • operate in confidential “under cover “ mode to avoid worries from staff and clients
  • understand the industry and have a large network of contacts
  • provide a structured methodology and clear deliverables
  • provide additional knowledge of the market to you
  • allow for full decision-making participation by management and the board in all stages of our work including the target profile definition, the candidate evaluation process and transaction negotiation activities.