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IT Support


Effective IT management will improve your profits and increase the value of your business

What would happen if you had an outage that prevented your staff from working? What would happen if you lost data? Are your systems neglected?

Through our alliance with Synapse IT Consultants we offer managed and private cloud IT Support services aimed to avoid unnecessary costs and resulting profit reduction:

Equipment and software

We have access to a wide range of equipment and software from most major manufacturers. We are able to provide you with a wide range of quality products at competitive prices.

Proactive Support

The program ensures that every critical IT need is met and proactively monitored and maintained to minimise the risk of problems and ensure that interruptions to your business are kept to a minimum. A Proactive Support Agreement includes:

  • Proactive performance monitoring for servers, workstations and network
    • Proactive server and workstation maintenance
    • Management of security and critical updates for Microsoft and other products
    • Firmware updates for routers and other critical devices
    • Monitoring of licence and application compliance on your network
  • Backup and Security
    • Fully automated back up to an offsite, secure Melbourne location
    • Antivirus protection software
    • Spam filtering and email security
    • Managed disaster recovery
  • Lower IT Costs
    • Fixed rates for the length of the agreement
    • Staff access to client portal for checking and creating service requests, reducing administrative overhead
    • Reduction in significant unexpected costs by identifying and controlling problems before they arise
    • Reduction of user downtime due to emergency reactive support
  • Regular Client Communication
    • Monthly reporting of IT performance
    • Periodic strategic planning meetings to review changing requirements.