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Business Improvement Services


       Our services are directed at increasing the value of our clients’ business. We focus on achieving growth in revenue and profit


·      Business Planning

The Business Plan provides your company with a document demonstrating its commercial viability and future potential.

The Business Plan is an essential communication and selling tool to use for negotiating with banks and investors.

The Business Plan will help you to improve your company’s performance by:

o        identifying your position and opportunities in the market

o        assessing your strengths and weaknesses

o        identifying the steps required to remedy the weaknesses and take advantage of the opportunities


·      Lead Generation Strategy

We believe that the marketing activities in the organisation should be unashamedly focused on producing leads for sales personnel to close


·      Operational Review

This is an internal assessment of key success factors in your business including:

o        lead generation and selling processes and reporting

o        project versus annuity business

o        pricing and risk

o        utilisation of staff resources

o        project management

o        quality assurance of proposals, reports and programs

o        systems development methodology.